About Me - Brandon Tran

Brandon Tran

I'm a creative technologist and web engineer working at The Walt Disney Company along side incredibly talented people. Every day I get to help bring next generation products to life for our guests working for Disney+. In my free time I invest into the stock market for long term growth and passive income. Here I'm sharing my financial journey to help others also reach financial freedom goals.

My passion for all things web started in the fall of 1997, when I was elected treasurer of the Student Government Association at Louisiana State University in Alexandria (LSUA). The internet was still in its' infancy and the LSUA SGA didn't have a website yet. So I volunteered to build them a website, my first website, and haven't stopped.

Since then I have been innovating on the web. Starting with the “dot com boom” in the late 1990s and then through all of its ups and downs I have navigated and adopted to the changing web by always pivoting and using the latest technologies and best practices available to date. After my first website success, followed many more. Within a couple of years my popular website creations with high traffic ratings were noticed by eUniverse, Inc. I worked for “eUni” from 2001 - 2002 managing client facing websites that Nielsen Netratings ranked in the top 15 most visited web properties in the United States at the time. I designed multiples projects, innovative content delivery systems, managed content creation teams, and maintained several websites.

In 2002 I founded INT Marketing, Inc. to contribute to my local community by developing and marketing local businesses. I continued to work independently or as remote contractor for various development projects for the next 9 years.

My focus shifted in 2009. I began working remote but more exclusively with a team of the leading developers and designers at DigiSynd in Los Angeles, CA developing facebook applications for Disney, ABC, and ESPN. During this time I created 50+ plus facebook applications. Including a prototype of an app using the Facebook Like button before it was announced.

In January 2012, I moved to Los Angeles and started working for Disney Interactive full time. I built applications for multiple innovation projects, activities and websites, including mobile web application development, both Android and iOS applications.

In 2013 I became manager of engineering for the Disney Interactive Labs team and December 2015 we launched a major product DisneyLife which is one of the most challenging products I have ever been a part of.

In 2018 I started to work on Disney+ Marketing technology and it's been an amazing journey of several launches across the globe. Each day I remind myself how lucky I am to be part of something that so many people enjoy as well as getting to work with so many talented and creative people. There are always challenges in any project and I'm all about staying focused through them so that the goals are achieved.

In 2020 I started investing into the stock market to build a dividend portfolio for retirement.

What is in store for 2021? I continue to work on the awesome Disney+ and we kicked off a new turnkey house project. We are calling it " Merlot on the Mountain". It's a little 3 bedroom cottage and you guessed it, we chose a maroon red for the exterior paint color. This new house is an investment property to get a taste of rental income via property management. I won't be collecting the rents myself as I'm more interested in my money working for me and getting those systems setup, even with less returns. To me this is a reproducable and scalable strategy.

I am an advocate for keeping things simple. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci.