Brandon Tran

Creative technologist and builder passionate about bringing innovative products to life

About Me

Brandon Tran I'm a creative technologist and web engineer working at The Walt Disney Company along side incredibly talented people. Every day I get to help bring next generation products to life working on Disney+. In my free time I enjoy investing into the stock market and vacation homes for long term growth and passive income. Stay tuned as I share my journey.

Latest Updates

DIY Landscaping - Front Yard Makeover on a Budget - Learn step by step how to design, layout your plants and increase your landscape curb appeal on a budget.

Our Little Cottage Build is Complete! - Finally, after 8 months of construction, take a look at the finished cottage which turned out better then we could have ever imagined.

Tiny Backyard Garden Office Project - If you need a serene back yard garden office to step out to do work, here is a great 12' x 10' floor plan and design you can consider.

House Insulation, Sheetrock Install and Walls Painted - In this update the cottage insulation and sheetrock is installed. Also the walls get painted white. And the lot get's early grading.

The Cottage Is Painted Merlot Red - We drove out to the cottage to check in on the progress and we were surprised that they painted the entire exterior Merlot Red!

Cottage Walls and Roof Construction, Dry-In - If you don't know what Dry-In for a house, read this. The construction crew is moving right along with getting the house to the Dry-In phase.

Ground Breaking at the Vacation Cottage - March 20, 2021 marks the day where we hit another key milestone for our vacation cottage journey and we now have a foundation wall and floors for the house.

Our First Short Term Rental Investment Property - Introducing our new mountain cottage project right outside Asheville, NC. We've been planning, dreaming and saving for the last 2 years to build this cottage.

Kid Zip, America's First Zip Line Park for Kids - KidZip is an incredible and exciting activity for the whole family. This is America's first zipline adventure for kids 4-10.

Asheville NC Treetops Adventure Park - The Tretops Adventure Park is an exciting obstacle course activity that has over 77 challenging obstacles that are fun for all ages. This includes ziplines, climbing, swinging and more.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Asheville, NC - Here are our top 5 things that Wendy and I love about Asheville, NC and also why so many have decided to call this place home.

Top 5 Tips for Stock Market Investing - Starting to invest can be intense. There are so many things to learn. Here are some quick principles I've learned growing my portfolio.

Why I Invest into a Dividend Stock Portfolio - Dividend stocks offer 2 forms of growth, capital appreciation and dividend payments. Dividend payments are predictable which make them a great passive income strategy.

15 Year Mortgage VS 30 Year and Invest - Instead of paying off your house in 7-15 years, what will happen if you invest that extra money into a stock portfolio or cash flow rental property?

Wildflower House of Tea - Georgetown Texas - Everyone loves a good glass or cup of tea. My wife, Wendy is kicking off on a new venture to open a tea shop in Georgetown, Texas.

Custom Backyard Tree House Play Set - It took us 2 weekends to build this custom tree house for the kiddos. They love it and are playing in it often.

A Kid's Dream Cardboard Castle Made Out of Boxes - This is my second cardboard castle to build for my kids. The first castle I built was a hit, but after having another child it was time to expand.

Cardboard Castle Construction Fun - When I was a child I would build forts out of boxes, baskets, couch pillows, blankets, anything I could get my hands on.

Customize and Build Your Jeep - The Build-A-Jeep app is now live! Being an avid Jeep fan, currently I own a Jeep Liberty. In the near future I hope to upgrade to a customized Wrangler.

My guitar cover songs on youtube - My mom bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was eight years old. I picked it up, and haven't put it down since.

Some of My Oil Paintings - Over the years I have explored various modalities in which I could express my creativity. Oil painting is one of them.

Top 10 Tools To Increase Website Performance - You just built the most pixel perfect website / web application ever! Ensure you use some of these tools to get the best out of your site performance.

Building My Dream Home - Building a large luxury home with a gorgeous mountain view in Asheville, NC. designed and constructed by Brandon and Wendy Tran.