Creative Technologist, Web Developer, Musician and Builder passionate about bringing innovative products to life

My Latest and Random Updates

The Best Burger Umami Classic - Copycat Burger Recipe - Attempt to make one of the best burgers I've ever had, the Umami Classic burger From Umami in California.

Wildflower House of Tea - Georgetown Texas - Everyone loves a good glass or cup of tea. My wife, Wendy is kicking off on a new venture to open a tea shop in Georgetown, Texas.

Custom Backyard Tree House Play Set - It took us 2 weekends to build this custom tree house for the kiddos. They love it and are playing in it often.

My Bonsai Tree Hobby - Having fun with a new hobby, cultivating and styling bonsai trees.

Custom Jeep Crew Chief 715 - Incredible custom Jeep design military inspired. This Jeep Crew Chief 715 custom build vehicle has 40 inch wheels, military color palette, tactical green...

A Kid's Dream Cardboard Castle Made Out of Boxes - This is my second cardboard castle to build for my kids. The first castle I built was a hit, but after having another child it was time to expand.

Customize and Build Your Jeep - The Build-A-Jeep app is now live! Being an avid Jeep fan, currently I own a Jeep Liberty. In the near future I hope to upgrade to a customized Wrangler.

My guitar cover songs on youtube - My mom bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was eight years old. I picked it up, and haven't put it down since.

I Love Oil Painting - Over the years I have explored various modalities in which I could express my creativity. Oil painting is one of them.

Top 10 Tools To Increase Website Performance - You just built the most pixel perfect website / web application ever! Ensure you use some of these tools to get the best out of your site performance.

Building My Dream Home - Building a large luxury home with a gorgeous mountain view in Asheville, NC. designed and constructed by Brandon and Wendy Tran.

Cardboard Castle Construction Fun - When I was a child I would build forts out of boxes, baskets, couch pillows, blankets, anything I could get my hands on.

Benvolio - A Folk Inspired Melodic Album by Danny Tran - Benvolio, a debut album by Danny Tran with unique instrumentation and creative technical musicianship.