My Bonsai Tree Hobby

Early this year, 2018, I became facinated with Bonsai trees. I've been working on the backyard garden and then while pruning some of my favorite trees, Forest Whitebud and Oklahoma Redbud, I thought of trying to shape them for fun. I ended up watching a couple of youtube videos about Bonsai trees and it seemed easy enough. I then watched another 20+ videos and got the Bonsai bug.

Off to Home Depot I went to see what kind of possible nursery stock plants they had I could convert into a neat Bonsai tree. After browsing all of the plants I decided on a Blue Point Juniper, which turns out to be a popular variety for Bonsai trees. I did my best, pruned the roots, cut but a lot of branches and then styled the tree for fun. It turned out relatively nice and I got excited about working on more trees.

I decided to document my journey in the art of Bonsai and built a quick website to capture my learnings and share with others. While it's in a very infancy phase, it will evolve into a more in depth project as I improve.

Learn About Bonsai Trees at