Customize and Build Your Jeep

The Build-A-Jeep app is now live! Being an avid Jeep fan, currently I own a Jeep Liberty. In the near future I hope to upgrade to a customized Wrangler. After shopping around, I was curious how my new dream ride would look with custom wheels, a lift kit, my favorite color, tint, etc. However, I couldn't find an app to make my dream Jeep into a virtual reality.

Boom! then it hit me!

If you can't find it, why not make it! I decided to design an app to build my virtual Jeep myself. Additionally, I thought other Jeep-obsessed fans would value the effort too. So, I prototyped and built the Build-A-Jeep app over a few weekends. The app simply allows you to choose some custom features and get a virtual look at all your options before going out and spending your hard earned cash.

Get Started Building Your Jeep Here