My guitar cover songs on youtube

My mom bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was eight years old. I picked it up, and haven't put it down since. Playing music seemed to come natural to me. I learned to play three songs the very first day she gave me my guitar. My favorite of three was the "Nestle Chocolate Chip Morsels" jingle. Though it was only a short tune, it sparked my attention and helped me love the craft that I was eagerly learning.

Playing music continues to be one of my past time hobbies. I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge through the years. I have played and performed with various groups. In 2009, I started creating cover videos for my personal YouTube channel. You can check those out by visiting my channel: Brandon Tran on Youtube

These days I mostly enjoy after work Jam sessions with a few of my musically talented colleagues. In turn, I relish the times singing and playing children's songs such as "The Wheels on the Bus" with my two little kids.