Cool Season Grass Lawn Calendar for a Healthy Green Lawn

If you are like me, you appreciate an awesome green lawn. However, I also appreciate efficiency and I'm limited on time. Here are my top 4 steps and my new simple lawn calendar to show you how to achieve the healthiest and greenest lawn possible without all the excessive things other lawn enthusiasts practice.

Simple Cool Season Grass Lawn Calendar for a Healthy Green Lawn
Simple Cool Season Grass Lawn Calendar for a Healthy Green Lawn

Products Needed

Why this plan is the best

  1. This plan is affordable
  2. This plan is simple. Anyone with limited time can achieve it
  3. This plan is family and pet friendly. I don't use pesticides or herbicide weed killers
  4. This plan only includes the most impactful things you can do

Ok let's get into it

Step 1 - Good Fertilizer Once A Month

Early March you are going to start fertilizing. I want to recommend "Simple Lawn Solutions Fertilizer". There are a few others to choose from, but this one has safe ingredients, has a great price, and you get a lot more for what you pay for. It has organic properties, it's non-toxic and children pet safe. Continue applying once per month March through October. That's 8 spray applications. Spray this down and then don't forget to go back over it and water it in. The essentials pack comes with 3 products.

  1. Balanced fertilizer 16-4-8. This Lawn Food contains Nitrogen for encouraging greening/growth for a thicker, greener lawn. Phosphorus for resilient turf and root development. Potassium to boost plant hardiness and strength.
  2. Iron and additional nitrogen 6-0-0 to get a deeper dark green
  3. Humic acid to help with optimum nutrient uptake

To do this task you will need to know what size your property is. Mine is 3000 square feet which is the exact size their single spray bottle covers. How lucky am I. You can measure your yard using google maps or google earth.

Step 2 - Cut weekly or as often as you can

Cut at 2.5" - 3.5" and let it grow taller in the hot summer months to minimize stress. On my lawn mower that is position 4 to 6. Having a sharp blade helps make a clean cut and prevents damaging the grass tips.

Step 3 - Sow Seeds On Bare Spots

If you have any bare spots or known weed areas, throw down some extra grass seed in spring and/or fall. It will encourage grass dominance and outcompete any weeds.

Step 4 - Survive the summer heat!

You did a great job giving your grass a super healthy base to live in. Try to get (1 inch) (2.5cm) of water down per week during July and August.

These simple tasks are going to build an ultra healthy ecosystem and your grass will look epic!

Unnecessary Practices

Now here are the advanced things that I find unnecessary. I don't do these and the lawn continues to look great.