A Kid's Dream Cardboard Castle Made Out of Boxes

This is my second cardboard castle to build for my kids. The first castle I built was a hit, but after having another child it was time to expand. This castle contains a Main Room, Middle Room and a Tower Room inviting more guests to fit inside. I got an email from IKEA about getting more pictures for the popular Building a Cardboard Castle #1 and sadly that castle didn't survive our latest move to Austin. So I offered to build a new castle which is to be featured in an "Up Cycling" book for IKEA France.

I built a lot of "forts" when I was a kid from boxes, baskets, couch pillows, blankets or anything I could get my hands on. Most children love building "forts" and playing inside them. Whether they are hiding, playing pretend, or just cozying up and reading books, a fort is a perfect little space for a small children to feel secure in a big world.

Building this castle of course is a great bonding experience. The kids love participating in the construction. Just be extra careful with the hot glue and razors, which I had to supervise at all times.




  1. Glue the three main boxes together
  2. Cut out doors and windows
  3. Cut and fold a ton of coin corner rectangles out
  4. Decorative trim the Windows
  5. Decorative trim the Doors
  6. Add the 2 Toppers for Tower Left and Main Hall Right
  7. Add the Slanted Roof for the Middle Room