Cardboard Castle Construction Fun

When I was a child I would build "forts" out of boxes, baskets, couch pillows, blankets, anything I could get my hands on. As I grew, I found less and less use for these strongholds as they would not shield me from the adult world. Then, I had kids.

Most children love building "forts" and my son is no exception. Whether for hiding, playing pretend, camping or just cozying up and reading books, a fort is a perfect little space for a small kid to feel secure in a big world.

As a hands-on dad, I decided to take "fort" building to the next level with my little guy. Thus began our cardboard castle. We built a more permanent structure out of cardboard. Spending a couple of evenings creating this cardboard castle together proved a great bonding experience and he loves it! It's his go-to spot for a little quiet time.




  1. Cut out door and windows
  2. Cut and fold a ton of coin corner rectangles out
  3. Decorative trim the Windows
  4. Decorative trim the Door
  5. Add the topper

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